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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm  NBC  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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voters so far in a previous contest against hillary clinton. we will see how he does with young african-american voters. in orangeburg, patrick hussion, wyff news 4. michael: as you said, senator centers speaking at claflin university. carol: let's listen in live. sen. sanders: historically black universities and colleges, doing a great job educating young people. [applause] what this campaign is about is taking a hard look at national priorities. when we have 20 of the wealthiest people in this country owning more wealth than the bottom 50% of america. 150 million people. anybody here think that is right? >> no. sne.en. sanders: we have republicans that want to get hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the top 1%. it does not make sense to me.
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i think, for a start, that when we have a lot of people in this country working for 9-10 dollars an hour, do you think you can get by on that? >> no. sen. sanders: should be raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour? carol: that is senator sanders at claflin university. hillary clinton just down the seat in orangeburg. earlier today, clinton campaigned in atlanta and stopped by a couple of restaurants in charleston. in georgia, she emphasized the importance of the race. mrs. clinton: the primary here in georgia will be so contrapuntal. -- so consequential. this election has such high-stakes. i think you know that. i believe with all my heart it is one of the most important elections we have had in a really on-time. carol: she and senator sanders both scheduled to attend a fish
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another event. michael: looking at the absentee numbers. 2300 people voted last week in greenville county. those were both what can and democrats. this week, about 1400 people voted absentee, which would only be votes for the democratic primary, which is officially tomorrow. the absentee voting for tomorrow's primary closed at 5:00 tonight. carol: if you plan on voting tomorrow, we have everything you need to know posted on our mobile app. you can check your voters status, find that where you need to vote. we also have a stable -- a sample ballot and a video on how to cast your vote right on your fingertips on the wyff mobile app. wii will keep up with printer results on that app. michael: donald trump scored another endorsement. new jersey governor chris -- chris christie making it official that he backed trump. any news coverage in texas, governor's christie suspended his campaign after not performing well in the answer
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carol: a deputy recovery after she was shot on the job in the low country. corporal kimber gist was shot in goose creek on patrol trying to stop a suspicious vehicle. she got into a scuffle with a suspect, who then shot her twice. deputies say she is doing well, in good spirits after surgery. but it will take some time for her to recover. gist's high school assistant principal says she is a leader. >> she has a strong personality. well-known among her peers. her peers looked to her and a trusted her. she was also fearless. she did not back down from challenges. carol: we are told the suspect in the shooting was later involved in a standoff with police in north charleston. before officials say they found him dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. gist is recovering well. michael: in google county, the
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county, the family attorney of a robbery victim killed by debbie's will ask the u.s. department of justice to get involved. corey davis is here with more from the attorney tonight. corey: the family attorney told me they want to hold deputies accountable. he says three major points a hope the late the lawsuit will accomplish. the attorney fletcher smith is accusing debbie's obsessive force at enough protocol after the death of charles rosemond on december 10. investigators say rosemond shot deputy dave dempsey in the head after they tried to enter his home. tiffany's fireback, hitting rosemond in the leg. the lawsuit claims that deputies did not identify themselves before entering, did not have a warrant, and were not properly trained to save rosamund's life. >> we don't want people shot in their homes by law enforcement who happen to be innocent persons. number two, law enforcement needs to be more forthcoming with family members who want to
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loved one is sleeping in the ground. like mr. rosemond is. lnumber 3, when you make a pay compensation. corey: i spoke with the attorney of the sheriff's office. they told me they will deny identify themselves. michael: more than 20 men are without a home after an early-morning fire in greenville. the tara apartment houses for looks. -- alex and alcoholics. aly myles was there. aly: flames and smoke is what home from work. his next-door neighbor say they know they will be ok. >> it looks like there's a lot of stuff going on. but we are going to depend on god. he will lead us in the right direction.
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sober living program, run by solutions recovery center. >> this is a tragedy. it's terrible that these men lost their place to live. but where we lose we can rebuild. aly: the center's executive director says more than 20 men affected by the fire. all of them will still have a place to sleep tonight. >> my main focus is these men. we are to have enough housing here. we'll just put them on couches, they will have to live with each other until we can rebuild and refocus. aly: seeing the silver lining. >> we can rebuild. we are in the right state of mind. aly: even though so many of these men might have lost everything, they are seeing it too. >> just about nobody was in there.everything is going to be all right >>. ally: aly myles, wyff news 4 in
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carol: we found some snow for you in rolling rock. this is from let's check in with chief meteorologist john cessarich.any chance of sn this weekendow, or anywhere else? john: carol: we might get a flurry or two over the next hour. but that is all over with. the winter advisory has expired at about 7:00 this morning. still some clouds hanging tough in the northern and central mountains. it is cold in the mountains. only in the 20's and 30's. still, temperatures running a bit below average. temperatures even in the upstate, especially in spartanburg and greenville. 46 in spartanburg. 49 in greenville. 53 in comes in. 29 in boone. -- 53 in clemson. upper 50's to around 60 in the upstate. much colder temperatures than we should see this time of
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we will see some of march -type temperatures into the weekend. >> a look back at a well-known
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what the bait's a well-known landmark in anderson...that soon will go carol: it is a well-known it will landmark and anderson that will soon go to wait. michael: before the bailes building is gone, we take a look at its past. mandy: most of the demolition work so far has been on the inside. those with ties to this building say it was time for it to go. it was once home to the gh
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store. in the heart of anderson, it was well known at people that live here. >> it was gorgeous, it really was. mandy: for these two, it's more than a building, it was a memory. >> when were really allowed to come into the store, there were only 10 of us. they did not like to bring us very often because we were allowed. mandy: as 2 of george bailes' grandchildren, they could run around the escalators, the first in south carolina, they say. it's always been known as the bailes, even when the voter county election office was here. the crumbling facade forced the county to take it down. >> i hope what lives on is the spirit of who george bailes was. he was a very progressive thinker, open-minded. he believed that all people should be treated equally. he was really a man beyond his
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mandy: they say it's just brick-and-mortar now, no sadness at the loss, only anticipation. county officials say they are still deciding that. ideas include office and retail space, it possible art gallery. with 6 bailes children still living in anderson, there is no chance this man's presence in the city will go with the building. >> is always sad to see an error go that was once what find the t -- sad to see an era go that was once that defined the town. john: pollen count outside. tree pollen yesterday was in the high category.
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bernie sanders. he was there when dr. king marched on washington. unafraid to challenge the status quo to end racial profiling, take on police misconduct, and take down a system that profits from mass imprisonment. there is no president who will fight harder to end institutional racism. education. opportunity. reform. bernie.
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disappointment tonight ... for the people who recruit industry michael: disappointment tonight for the people who recruit industry for oconee country. michelin north america has decided not to buy 320 acres there, in the golden corner commerce park. the project would have created as many as 200 jobs on highway 59, and cost up to $250 million. richard blackwell of oconee economic alliance says michelin let its option on the land expire. but he says the county is optimistic the project will eventually happen. yet the county is going in pursuit of other tenants. carol: a reminder to those of you in greenville and spartanburg counties. this is the last weekend you can recycle glass in the county. starting march first, neither county will pick up glass or accept glass at recycling centers. michael: more slowdowns this
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lanes starting at 8:00 tonight. this happen in both directions, between mile markers 63 and 67. that's between the exits for highway 290 and highway 129. expect delays. and sloan construction says take another way if you can. sloan expects to reopen the lanes around midnight saturday. >> now your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: satellite picture showing things clear outside the mountains. still some clouds in the northern and central mountains although it back into kentucky. even snow showers continuing through charleston, west virginia, not charleston, south carolina. our charleston looks ok now. a piece of energy swings over kentucky. it will all right here in the mountains late tonight and early tomorrow morning. you might see clouds to start with your weekend, but then the clouds will dissipate. expect sunshine by the afternoon. we started at 33 at the gsp
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warm up to 53. still six degrees below average. at the asheville regional airport, 30 this morning, warming only to 40. the breeze making it feel pretty cold, 14 degrees below average. for from the record high of 78 setback in 1951. into this weekend, look at this beautiful picture over lake hartwell. sun continues to go down. blue sky, just gorgeous. expect a pretty nice weekend overall. we're going to start to see probably temperatures warm up considerably into sunday afternoon. this computer is moving slowly. it continues to go very slow. there we go. 29 degrees in boone. upper 30's and asheville and hendersonville. 45 in spartanburg.
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especially with the wind in certain areas. notice there is no wind in franklin. lighter winds in laurens and abbeville. a wind chill of 16 degrees near boone. a wind chill of 41 in spartanburg. 39 degrees in rutherford. it is cold outside to say the least. humidity levels on the green tree's -- only decrease. 55 in columbia. mid 50's along the grand strand of myrtle beach. cool 61 in orlando. this is unusual for the last weekend of every. last week logically feels better when you are talking march. hopefully we get march type weather. snow showers of to the north. 36 in cincinnati. at the freezing mark in chicago. tomorrow, high-pressure to the southwest. clouds will dissipate by tomorrow afternoon in the
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as the high starts to shift into sunday, we won't happen the milder weather -- we will tap into the milder weather. monday. we have to wait for the next wednesday. mainly clear skies, winds becoming late in the upstate. 25 for the overnight low in the mountains. in greenville-spar group-anderson area, a pleasant range. in asheville-hendersonville area, clouds becoming sunny by the afternoon. 48 degrees, not as cold as today. 34 at 9:00 a.m.. 44 degrees at lunchtime. four day plus, looking forward to sunday afternoon, nice and mild. it will be mild early next week. then we get colder again passed the storm system at the end of next week. carol: ah, the 60's was nice. michael: of her state finals begin tonight in downtown
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>> a big weekend for basketball. playing for a state chairmanship tonight at 7:00. a huge day in progress for clemson outfielder chase pender. the tigers are on
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let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america
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>> now wyff news 4 sports. >> i don't know if anybody knows my mom, she is homeless right now, so just kind of doing it for her. >> some questioned why former auburn running back peyton nfl draft. barber said it was to help his mom, barber battling a deep
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earn an nfl paycheck. working for a whole a more than just himself. the on field drills began this morning in indianapolis at the nfl combine. the offensive lineman, running backs, and special teams working out for scouts today. marshall may have had the most impressive 40 yard dash of the day. marshall, in 2 passes, ran a 4.29, followed by a 4.31. a guy that struggled to stay healthy while in college. south carolina offensive lineman brandon shell, pulled up while running the 40, what looked like a hamstring pull. gamecock running back brandon wilds ran a 4.54 40 today. after four days off, the clemson baseball team is back on the field this afternoon. clemson won 2 of 3 against maine to open the season last weekend. james madison in town for a 3 game series this weekend. tigers get on the board in the second inning. chris okey drills a 2-2 pitch to dead center field. that one clears the wall, his
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onto the fifth inning, chase pinder launches one right into the chapman grandstands. in the sixth inning, it is pinder again. clemson leads james madison 6-1 in the seventh inning. south carolina opening a s sies this afternoon against penn state. 6'5" chris: takes ask what eight taylor lehman deep to left off the wall. in cub scout 2-0. next -- gamecocks go 2-0. mooney showing off some speed. run makes it 3-0. juco transfer continues his hot start 3 for his first 3 with 2 rbi. clark schmidt with six
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furman leads dayton 6-1. evansville in usc upstate are currently tied. at the bon secours wellness arena, the 3a boys and girl will kick things off tonight. the girls played at 7:00, the boys will follow. saturday, it is wall-to-wall games after the arena. if downtown greenville-- michael: it is not a wall-to-wall trend, but it will do. john: march is right around the corner. tomorrow, kind of cool temperatures, but it's easily cool. 56 with sunshine in the upstate. not as cold in the mountains. a nice warm-ups sunday afternoon. that is when the warming trend kicks in. pushing 70 next week. it depends on how many clouds we have. carol: we love it when we are
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thank you john. thanks for watching wyff news 4. our next newscast is at 11:00. michael: we are grateful to the company. we are always on the mobile app and on
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i think that if one were to look at the qualifications of the candidates and really reflect upon what our country can be, and look at who can best get us to that place. i think it's hands down hillary clinton.
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many feel and build on the president's progress, not rip it away. my heart has always been with hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. breaking news tonight. trump bombshell. chris christie shocks the political world by endorsing the front-runner hours after marco rubio unloaded on trump at the debate brawl. one of the most dramatic campaign days
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nbc news investigates amid allegations from uniio the inside story of how undocumented workers worked at the site of trump tower. mass shooting horror. 4 dead, 1 wounded as a gunman opens fire in a workplace. a hero cop taking him down. tonight, what we've learned happened in the hours before the massacre. zika in america. the cdc warns of a surge in cases. the virus is now striking pregnant women here. and farry tale ending. a little girl's unicorn on the loose, and a police chase like we've never seen before. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer:s from "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. what a wild day it has been, one of the most dramatic and intense days of this presidential campaign so far. hours after mocking, ridiculing and challenging donald trump on the debate stage, a rejuvenated marco rubio struck


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